Women of Faith Recap // Sheila Walsh

So I must have been living under a rock because I had never heard of Sheila Walsh before this weekend. She's recently written a new book called God Loves Broken People and I really identified with her because she's struggled with depression. My postpartum depression was the darkest time in my life so I was all ears.  

Here are my notes from Sheila's talk:
  • Her greatest fear as a mother was What kind of a mom will I be? I made a note of this because I definitely identify with that.
  • We judge what we don't understand.
  • Never never never stop praying for your kids.
  • We struggle to believe that right now, exactly how we are, God loves us. When we wake up in the morning He says, "Oh look! There she is again!" I love that because I think the same thing when I see Rooney.
  • Don't let your temporary identity become your eternal identity.

It's OK to talk to yourself - just be careful what you say.