Women of Faith Recap // Ken Davis

Ken Davis is a Christian author and comedian. I know what you're thinking - why is a man speaking at Women of Faith? I thought the same thing. But Ken's got a wife of 42 years, two daughters and granddaughters. I really enjoyed his session.

Here are my notes from his talk:
  • The devil hates Sunday. He joked that this is why we're always late to church and the kids are fighting in the back seat on the way. But if you think about it, the devil probably does hate Sunday when we all go to church to worship his enemy.
  • Perfection is not required. The people in the Bible were NOT perfect, yet God still said He loved them. Ken gave an example of his wife looking in the mirror in the car and saying, "I look terrible." Women say that when we look in the mirror and think, "I'm not perfect. Not every single hair is in place. I don't look like I used to." But perfection is not required of us.
  • A good marriage is two people who love the Lord and get through conflict and tough times together.
  • God is the author of joy. He brings it to us in many different ways. Sometimes through other people (even random people we pass).
  • Do things to truly live, not just to stay alive. Do more with your life than keep breathing. Climb mountains, ride a bike up a hill just so that you can go down at 50 mph, follow your dreams.

The glory of God is a woman fully alive.