Women of Faith Recap // Liz Curtis Higgs

I had never heard of Liz Curtis Higgs before the conference. What a hoot! She is so darn funny. Definitely one of my favorites of the entire weekend.


Here are my notes:
  • One size fits all. This is true of God's love, not clothes.
  • Women don't believe that we're beautiful or that God thinks we are. There is not a single woman that God made and then said, "Oops!" We're always comparing ourselves to others and competing with each other. But why would God make anything less than beautiful? You are exactly what God planned. You are beautiful because He made you.
  • We dishonor God when we stand in front of the mirror in disgust. Liz's challenge is for women to throw our arms up and say "TA-DA!" when we stand in front of the mirror in the morning. Not to be sassy or vain, but to say "Thank you, Father!"
  • God created us to be dependent on him. This is different from us because we raise our children to be independent. We may get disappointed when our children mess up, but God doesn't. Grandparents have a good perspective on God's love for us even when we mess up. Grandparents smile and chuckle when their grandkids mess up, thinking, "They're children! They'll learn!" God does not take away his love when you mess up.
  • God loves you because you're His. Just as we love our children because they're ours.
See yourself as beautiful and uniquely made, and then you can see others that way.
I'll leave you with this video of Liz so you can see just how funny and awesome she is.

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