Women of Faith Recap // Angie Smith

This was my favorite talk, which explains why I only have one note written down and BUY with an arrow pointing to a picture of her new book, What Women Fear. Goodness, Angie Smith is a beautiful woman of God.


Here's what I remember from her moving talk:
  • God taught her through motherhood that she is NOT in control.
  • Angie has four daughters on earth, and two in heaven. She told a hilarious story about having twins who are perfect little angels and then a very spirited daughter next who will either change the world or end up in prison. One of her babies was a miscarriage, and the other died in her arms a couple hours after she was born. I was sobbing through her story. But she says God was with her in the deep darkness.
  • She has always been plagued by fear, including as a child making her dad take her by her hand to the front door every night to make sure it was locked. She has studied fear in the Bible and it has helped her work through her paralyzing fears.
  • She fears the Lord with incredible awe, but believes there are certain fears we are not supposed to carry. She doesn't know if getting rid of all fear is possible, but she also doesn't think that's the point.