Did I Really Do That?

I am a sucker for infomercials, get-rich-quick schemes, and other things that are too good to be true.as seen on tv They all seem to whisper in my ear, "Eric, you know you want to buy me. I will make all your problems go away, and get you in shape in less than 30 seconds a day."

I admit, this is my weakness.

Even though I know my weakness, it doesn't make it any easier to deal with. I have such a short memory that I seem to forget that most of these things are promising something that might not probably won't work 100% of the time.

I have never actually bought anything from an infomercial, but you can be certain that whenever I am channel surfing and stumble upon one, I will stop and watch it (all of it), and then try to convince Kelsey that we need it.

She is never impressed.

I once signed up for a work-from-home program that cost $250. I had birthday money and I really thought this thing would work. I convinced myself that this was my way out of the job I hated (my first job out of college, not the job I have now). I wanted out so badly, and was looking for anything to get me out right away. What I was really sucked into was the testimonies of people who worked 10 hours a week and made six figures. They seemed so real. After talking it over with Kels (who knew it wouldn't work), because it was my own money--my personal, "no questions asked" money--she let me do it, and tried very hard to be supportive of me. She's great like that.

I signed up, spent a whole Saturday trying to figure it out, and then canceled it and got my money back. The truth I found was that there is nothing that will allow you to get rich quick. I wish I would have listened to Kels. She has this calm nerve in her body that keeps her away from making decisions like the $250 mistake I made. One thing is for sure, they did make good on their promise of a 100% money-back guarantee.

I know this was a really dumb move, and I did it out of desperation. I now realize just how perfectly God has orchestrated my life. He made Kelsey for me so that when I am wanting to make a dumb decision, she is there to smack me upside the head (figuratively, of course; it's not nice to hit) and tell me to come down out of the clouds.

Since I have such a short memory, there was another time, about a year ago, when I almost signed up for a marketing system that sold plans to make bunk beds for a living. Now that I think of it, that program was $250 a month. Blah! I'm laughing at myself as I type this. I like to think that in my old age I am getting wiser...

The moral of the story is that good ol' saying I know so well, but have a hard time believing: "If it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

Have you ever done anything silly like me? I double dog dare you to share...