11 Things I Learned This Weekend (Jan. 27-29)


1. We have a lot of fun when we eat at unfamiliar places like Red Rossa Pizza. Thanks, Pizza Ranch, for scaring us off with your long line.

Red Rossa Pizza

Red Rossa Chicken Alfredo Pizza

2. Baby showers allow for great father and son bonding time.

boys and their toys

3. Women at baby showers congregate into different social circles. When I got home they were organized by family, church friends, college friends, and life group friends. I suppose its natural.

4. House showings come at the worst possible times. After a month of none, someone really wanted to look at our house during our baby shower.

5. Our families are awesome and are super excited for our little girl to arrive.

6. Myah and Maysen can write well on paper, but haven't quite mastered typing.

7. Church is better experienced when I can take notes on my iPad.

8. Centro makes a mean steak.

Centro Des MoinesCentro Beef MedallionsCentro SteakGeorge's Marshmellow Sundae. Centro

9. Sundays are better when we have already attended church. Seems more like a Sabbath.

10. We love the Tostitos artisan recipe chips! They go great with Trader Joe's corn chile salsa.

Tostitos Artisan Recipe Chips

11. After perusing the baby sections of four different stores, Target wins. Cutest clothes, best prices and best selection.

What was the coolest thing you learned this weekend?

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