How We Use Our Monthly Entertainment Budget

It’s time for our next installment of the Fiesta Movement! For more info on what it’s all about, go here. See part 1 of this post here. This video featuring a slow-motion photo booth is my favorite from the Fiesta Agents this month. By the way, we each just got new iPhones (5s) last week after ordering them the day they came out (Kelsey got the gold one and it took longer...just means it's extra special). Anyway, I'm really digging the slow-motion video feature. Check out this 7-second video of Rooney doing what I call the "lady bug shake."

But back to the budget. It can be easy to let the Entertainment budget category get out of hand. So much can be lumped into "entertainment" that sometimes it might be necessary to split it into multiple categories so you can narrow in on how much you really need.

First of all, with a toddler running around, we have quite a bit of entertainment to start with. And, when Rooney goes to bed, Kelsey and I usually are not going somewhere together (we've paid a total of one babysitter - three times - since she was born).

So our Entertainment budget is pretty low: $15 per month for Kelsey and I each, for a total of $30. Our personal Entertainment money is used for iTunes music (which we don't buy too frequently since we discovered Spotify), Redbox movies if we can't get them for free, or an event or gathering that only one of us is invited to.

For example, this year Kelsey has attended three Favorite Things parties, and she has funded those largely with her Entertainment money. If Kelsey wanted to go to a concert, she would save up her Entertainment money to pay for it (one year she went to see Britney Spears and I was sort of appalled at how much the ticket cost so that's when we started separate Entertainment categories). I typically save mine for a guys' night out or golfing (a surely expensive sport).

When needed, we also pad our budget for family entertainment events like a trip to the zoo or to sign Rooney up for the Waterbabies class at our local YMCA.

There are a few more things we spend money on that you could categorize under entertainment, but we separate them into their own categories:

How do you use your entertainment money?

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