Our Monthly Entertainment Budget

It’s time for our next installment of the Fiesta Movement! For more info on what it’s all about, go here. This month's theme is Entertainment. For example, check out this improv "running of the bulls" on Venice Beach. It features Guillermo Rodriguez from Jimmy Kimmel! And it brought back some great memories from when we honeymooned in Santa Monica and rented a tandem bike for a ride through Venice Beach.

Honeymoon Venice Beach Tandem Bike

(Oh, how much we've changed! My older, more mature self no longer recommends tandem biking with your new bride without a helmet while taking a photo. Safety first, people!)

Anyway, in the spirit of entertainment, I thought we should talk a little about our entertainment budget. After talking with others, I think this is a tough category for a lot of folks because it's pretty broad. Next week I'll dive into all the ways we use our entertainment budget, but for now I'll just tell you how much it is:

Entertainment is a category that we split-up into sub-categories: Eric, Kelsey and Family. I'm sure it will evolve as our family evolves. Kelsey and I budget $15 a month each for ourselves, and the family category really depends on what we are doing in an upcoming month.

We started separating our entertainment money a few years ago when Kelsey was on a go-to-all-the-biggest-concerts-in-Des-Moines kick. More on that next week!

For now, how much do you put in your entertainment budget every month?

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