Adventure Is Out There!

We're excited to introduce the Ford Fiesta Movement. While we weren't cool enough to be one of the lucky 100 to actually receive a Ford Fiesta to drive around for a year (!!!), we are excited to be spreading the word about this movement and rope you all into the fun as well. Ford Fiesta Movement

The Details

  • Over the next four months you'll be seeing eight posts from us about the Fiesta Movement.
  • The first post of the month will be an introduction to the theme of the month.
  • The second post will be a recap of the "thing" we did regarding that month's theme.

Example: Last month's theme was Gaming, and this gal did some real-life mythbusting of Mario Kart.


September's theme is Adventure. Which is perfect because we're driving four hours north to explore the Twin Cities this weekend. It's Kelsey's golden birthday trip, so she's planned it out with some of her own favorite adventures: shopping at the Mall of America and IKEA, eating out, and riding bikes with friends.

How You Can Help

Have an adventure challenge for us? Leave a comment below and we'll pick one, do our best to complete the challenge this weekend, and post about it on Monday, Sept. 23.

*This is a sponsored post and we were compensated for our participation. The opinions expressed are our own. Thank you for reading and supporting Words of Williams.


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