Top Posts and Commenters: February 2012

Words of Williams top posts february 2012 We're gonna shake things up a bit this month! Just go with the flow.

Get to Know Our Top Commenters:

  • Rebecca Lately has been a power commenter. She's a mom of three who can probably teach us a lot as new parents. Thanks for kick-starting the conversations! Check out her fashion blog and Etsy shop.
  • Kari is Kelsey's sister. She has three daughters and pretty much stocked our nursery with hand-me-down goodness. She is an awesome mom!
  • Cass is another Simpson alum who sings at our church and has a rock star of a toddler and another boy on way, due just three days after us! How neat is that?
  • Joa Jean, the design machine, has already rendered us some sweet baby announcements for when R arrives. (She doesn't know the name yet, though, so don't bother asking!)
  • Andrea writes a blog called Peanut Butter Handprint. If that sounds intriguing, how about her tagline: "I may have one on my butt, but I'm workin' it"? This made me giggle and say "Wha?" Kels had to explain it to me...
  • Sarah is using her tax return to become debt-free! Welcome to the club! We got to meet Sarah when we were in Charleston this past summer.

Top Posts

In case you haven't noticed, we've added a Best of This Month widget to our sidebar. This resets at the beginning of every month and is ranked based on the number of comments a post gets. The following list is based on posts that were published in February with the highest number of page views. Check them out if you missed them.

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 What was your favorite post from February?