Thoughts on Healthy Eating: Week 1

Fiberful granola bars! Greek yogurt! Green beans! Fruits! Spinach! Brown rice! Frozen meals! Tortellini!

All for $37.54.

(Yes, those are brownies on the far left...they are for bunco night!)

Things I have learned in our first week of eating better:

  • I have the power to change my stubborn attitude about food. I used to tell myself that being a picky eater and having high metabolism means I don't have to eat healthy. I can do this! I will do this! I will love this!
  • I already appreciate food and nutrition so much more than I did a few weeks ago.
  • We have some unhealthy food items in our cupboards that we need to use up or discard...I already feel guilty eating them.
  • Nature Valley Oats & Honey granola bars (I like the taste, but I know they aren't the healthiest thing I could eat as they have 11 ingredients) are a lot less filling than donuts or Mini Muffins. I got some Trader Joe's granola bars for the next week. I also want to try Lara Bars (they have as little as two ingredients) but I am scared of the dates.
  • I have always been someone who stops eating when I'm full. I think that's a good start.
  • I actually like the taste of some healthy items...I just never cared enough or knew it was so much better to eat them than other things: cereal, string cheese, eggs, oats, whole grain pasta, raisins, granola, fresh fruit, peanut butter, juice, popcorn, green beans, peas, corn, etc.
  • I don't like some healthy things, like yogurt (I actually gagged this week when I tried Eric's), potatoes, broccoli, applesauce and cottage cheese.
  • It will be hard for me to give up white bread, white rice and the ease of packaged foods.
  • I like oats but am afraid of oatmeal for some reason...but I will try it! I think based on all your comments Eric and I are the only two people in the world who don't already eat it.
  • It feels better to eat an apple for a snack than a chocolate chip cookie. Not that I promise to always make that choice, but honey crisp apples are so good! I am dreading the day they are not in season anymore.
  • It turns out that if we buy more fruits and vegetables and have them on hand, I will eat them.
  • Trader Joe's is out of our way but we're planning to go there more often. And our grocery store's health market section.
  • We are willing to increase our food budget to accommodate for our new choices.
  • This might be too much information, but many pregnant women deal with constipation. I have not had too many issues, but just in the past week have noticed a huge difference. (OK, yep, that was too far. Sorry.)

Questions for You

  • What are some healthy sack lunches your family loves?
  • How do you know what fruit is in season? Besides knowing what is available at our farmers' market, I think this website will be helpful.
  • How/when do you splurge?