The Many Names of Rooney Jane


A long while ago, I posted about nicknames that Kels and I have. Naturally, we've come up with a few nicknames for Rooney already in the first month of her life. Most of these have to do with the mood she is in, or how she is making us feel at the time. Not to mention that after we settled on the name Rooney, we decided we should probably know what it means: red-headed. Hmm... that's weird...let's just pretend that didn't happen. We're going to let her define what her name means as she grows.

Rooney Jane

Regardless of the names we call her, we love her the same. It's incredible to realize that even when I have to get up in the middle of the night, change a horrendous dirty diaper and soothe her back to sleep, that I love her all the same. There is nothing she could ever do to take that away. She's my daughter! I still can't believe that sometimes.

Anyway, here is some randomness that you might hear if you were a fly on the wall in our house.

Kelsey and Rooney

  • Roo. Kelsey's favorite. Self-explanatory.
  • Rooney Bear. We've added 'bear' to the end of our nieces' names since they were little, so it's kind of a tradition now. She also has some bear-like tendencies, so double whammy.
  • Rooney Berra. These names evolve so quickly. When Rooney Bear is just too plain I go with Rooney Berra. A tribute to Yogi Berra.
  • Rooster. My favorite. Simply because I had to have a different name for her than Kels. I'm not competitive, I promise.
  • Rooney Toons. A spin off of Looney Toons. However, not necessarily implying that she is looney.
  • Toots McGee. She gets this name a lot lately. She's been extra gassy. We can't stop laughing, either; it's just too funny.
  • Peanut. When she snuggles up with her face in our chest and legs tucked under her. This won't last forever. ;( This nickname has a tendency to get expanded into Peanut Brittle or Peanut Booger.
  • The Chuggernaut. Sometimes she gets real crazy when eating, shakes her face, makes a growl noise and devours the bottle.
  • Stinky Pants. When we're at the changing table and just don't want to do it. Sometimes we can hardly breathe it smells so bad.
What is it with parents and the nicknames they give their kids? We spent half of the pregnancy coming up with the perfect name and immediately after she is born, we come up with a handful of nicknames for her.
If you have kids, do you have any nicknames for them? If you don't have kids, are there nicknames you've already thought you might use someday?