A Freakin' Awesome Weekend

Doug and Jess came to visit! It's so fun to introduce Rooney to our friends. And these two are remarkably good with babies.

Eric spent part of his Saturday morning devotional time doodling.

Then he ran six miles for his half marathon training. SIX. Isn't he awesome?

I ran (drove) to the grocery store for some weekend essentials. Which included donuts. Duh.

That afternoon we went to Easter Eve service with my family. During which Rooney decided to fuss, eat, fuss and then cry loud enough for daddy to take her out. Turns out three of our other guy friends were in the back with their kids, too.

Then we devoured a delicious dinner (and dessert!) at The Cheesecake Factory.

Our twin 4-year-old nieces finally got to hold Roo. They've visited her a handful of times and patiently waited to hold their baby cousin until now. I love seeing them together!

My parents watched Rooney on Sunday while Eric and I went on our first date since Rooney was born. It was much-needed and much-appreciated!

We ate lunch at Zombie Burger, where we were supposed to eat on Eric's birthday, until someone else decided they wanted to have a birthday.

Then we got groceries, researched landscaping options and costs, and bought a patio set. But sadly we did not buy this huge lawn chair.

Freakin' awesome, right?! We thought so. Hope yours was amazing as well!