Slow Start to 2015? Better Late Than Never

Six days into 2015 and we have yet to create our family playbook for the year. To be honest, the end of the year crept up on us, and we weren't able to find a day to devote to the cause as we have in the past. Typically, we take a personal day to ourselves, pick a local coffee shop, and intentionally look at the next 12 months to dream about what we'd like to accomplish, both as a family, and as individuals.

family goals

We use the Family Playbook to devise a plan of attack for the year. The intent is not to bore ourselves to sleep with details, but rather, get back to dreaming about what we want out of this year. Kelsey is much more of a "day-by-day" person, so these kinds of meetings don't get her too excited.

I entice her by letting her pick the venue (food is the key to her heart). The planning takes a couple hours and this year we're doing something fun afterward... going to a movie! (more food)

Rooney will be in daycare all day, so we are taking full advantage of our adult-time.


  1. Breakfast and meeting at a new bakery in downtown Des Moines
  2. Movie: The Hobbit
  3. Afternoon snack? Perhaps if we're not stuffed with popcorn from the movie?

A simple, but ideal day for the two of us. A time to slow down and enjoy each other's company... just the two of us.

This year is completely different from any other year we've created a family playbook in the past. Mainly because my work life has changed dramatically to the point that our budget fluctuates drastically from month to month. Which, in the short-term stinks, but the long-term benefits of running my own business will (hopefully) prove to be more fruitful (God willing).

Regardless, we'll dream, and plan just the same, and be willing to adjust the plan to our resources as needed. Prioritizing wants and needs will be key (as always).

While there is a financial component to most every goal, this is more than just a yearly budget meeting. We try to make this yearly meeting about being intentional with our lives. By carving time together to strategically think about what we want to accomplish this year, we're resolving to make the most of 2015.

The past three years have flown by so stinking fast! I can hardly believe that in less than two months, we'll have a threenager and Kelsey will be entering the third trimester for our little June bug. "Survival" might be the theme for us this year....

What are you hoping to accomplish this year?  Personal goals? Family goals? Financial goals?