Williams Family Playbook 2015

Family Playbook 2015 Last week I mentioned we would be spending a day talking and dreaming about what we wanted to accomplish in 2015. And, after the planning, I thought I would share what came out of that meeting for the Williams Family.

I think it went better than expected. Perhaps because I lowered my expectations this year. I'm learning (I'm 30 now!) that dreaming and planning are only the start of it. The doing... the work is where the magic happens. Setting goals is one thing, but achieving them is a whole other beast. So, here we go... It's on the internet now for all to see. We'll see how this year shakes out and what actually happens and what changes.

Family Playbook Live



It's a good reminder... things change. We're planning the best we can knowing that we may have to adjust, delay, or scratch parts of our plan. It's still worth it through. Last Wednesday was a much needed day away with my wife to re-connect and breathe inspiration into 2015 for our family.

This was both exciting and disheartening at the same time....

What we liked about 2014

  • I pursued my dreams.
  • Embraced the Lord and direction He was calling us to.
  • We had an amazing week in Okoboji watching Rooney on Papa's boat, and enjoy Arnold's Park.
  • Capturing memories via photos, videos, and blog posts. (Kelsey has done an amazing job of this)

What we didn't like

At times it felt as though we were living separate lives. We're hoping it was for a season, but in some ways feels like we're still in the thick of that right now. But, as I'll note below, we're working on ways to ensure it doesn't stay that way in 2015.

2015 Financial Forecast

This being the first year one of us doesn't have a steady paycheck, it's a bit difficult to forecast as we have in the years past. (See: 2012, 2013, 2014 Financial Forecasts)

We're putting some numbers down and leaving others on a "if it happens, it happens" list.

If it Happens, it Happens List

  • Computer: Kelsey has an ancient macbook laptop that we purchased before we moved into our house... so... 8 years ago! It's been a heck of a machine, but is on it's last leg.
  • Car: My car is still in the shop, and we're not sure what the diagnosis is yet. Depending on the cost of the repair, we might have to purchase another vehicle.
  • Basement: While we'd love to finish this off completely, we've decided that our best plan would be to minimally finish a few spaces; they playroom, and the spare bedroom. This will give us enough extra space until we can save up for the rest of the space to be finished.

Working Into the Budget For 2015

We're working a few things into our monthly budget because we know if we don't they will sneak up on us and we'll end up in panic mode.

That's about it for non-monthly budget items for 2015.

Personal Goals

I could have come up with a dozen or so goals for myself, but figured that I would keep it to a few important goals that span the important areas of my life. Focusing on deepening my relationship with God and improving my health from the inside out, pretty much sum it up.

Weekly Sermon Sketchnotes: I received "The Sketchnote Handbook" by Mike Rohde for Christmas and devoured it in few days. I decided to kill two birds with one stone. Improving my sketching and learning comprehension and capturing how God is speaking to me through Sermons.



I've gotten a lot of positive feedback after the first few weeks, and have really enjoyed the process of creating these. I had no idea they would be helpful to others as well.

ESV Study Bible Plan: I'm reading through the Bible in a year using this plan. I like that I'm reading a mix of the Old Testament and New Testament everyday. Starting out reading through 1 Chronicles though... woah! You can find this on the YouVersion Bible App.

Whole30: We're going to attempt our first Whole30 program coming in February. I'm super pumped to do this and see what it feels like to eat clean, whole, and sugarless food for a month and see how much better I feel overall.

I've just finished reading the book "It Starts With Food," and it's really taught me a lot about what eating healthy really means, and has been a great motivator to do a Whole30.

Our eating habits have evolved over the years in a good way, but I'm excited for this cleanse and hopefully a lot of it will stick with us as we move forward. I'm thinking about documenting everything through blog posts, but can't decide. I'll definitely do a few posts on the financial side of the program.

Wednesday's With Husband: Currently, Kelsey has every Wednesday off with our daughter Rooney. She's made this a "thing" between them and I've seen their relationship flourish over the past couple of years. It's official with it's own hashtag and everything #wednesdayswithrooney.

So, I'm inserting this into her schedule (she approved by the way). We're going to do quarterly "Wednesday's with Husband" where we dedicate a Wednesday to send Rooney to daycare and spend the day with each other. We both think it will do wonders for our marriage!

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How will you accomplish it?