Roo's 1st Birthday Wish List

Let me just say I am having a blast planning Roo's first birthday party. It is going to be so much fun. During our annual meeting we set a budget for the entire party, and whatever is left over we'll use to buy gifts for her. We haven't decided yet what we're going to get - whether we'll get her one big item or a few smaller ones. I thought maybe it would be fun to follow the something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read guidelines. In my opinion, we haven't spent much fun money on her this year, so I'd like to splurge just a little! (What do you say, Ric?!) Over the past several months, I have been keeping track of things I want to get for her on Pinterest and also on our Amazon Wish List. These are just a few of the things we might get her - I hope you don't mind that I'm basically "thinking out loud" with this post...



Nod Chair ($119) - My parents have actually already purchased this for her. It is sort of a tradition that they buy these for their grandkids when they turn 1. I can't wait to see her sit in it!

Blabla doll ($52) - If I could get her one thing and not feel bad about the price tag, it would be this. For some reason I have dreams of her owning this. I just think it is so cute, and she really seems to love stuffed animals!

"I Am Not Afraid" print ($30) - I think this might be my favorite quote ever. Such a great reminder, huh? I would love for Roo to grow up with that sort of fearless passion. I'm adding some art to her nursery and this would fit in perfectly.

Rolling storage crate ($88-118) - This would be a much more attractive way to display her toys that we keep in the living room.



Bike seat ($90) - She got a helmet for Christmas, now she just needs a seat! We are very much looking forward to family bike rides this summer!

Plates ($13) - We have the bowls just like these but could use some plates for Roo as she starts to feed herself. (I also love this custom one for $24, but it probably belongs in the WANT section!)

Sunscreen ($14) - I am allergic to some sunscreens so I want to make sure we get some good stuff for Roo this summer. We use (and love) Honest's healing balm and lotion, so I definitely trust the brand.

Woven felt laundry basket ($79) - This would match the felt baskets we just got for her storage bench. We have been using a sky blue Tubtrugs for her dirty clothes right now, but that would be better for toy storage.



Thief and Bandit leggings ($38) - I've wanted these ever since I laid eyes on them, and because she wears leggings every single day, we'd definitely get our money's worth!

Salt Water sandals ($32) - I can totally see her getting a new pair of these each year at her birthday for the upcoming summer. They are perfect for everyday. (Yes, I would let her wear these to the park!)

American Apparel tri-blend cardigan ($26) - I've lost count on how many of these I own (three I think?). It's a very casual cardigan, and I think it'd be a great addition to Roo's wardrobe.

Dress ($17) - Originally $60, this Target clearance score would be gorgeous on Roo for Easter, a family wedding we have this summer, and even Christmas!



Orla Kiely board books Shapes and Creatures ($10 each) - I would love to complete our Orla Kiely collection with these two books. She is my favorite designer. We already have Colors and Numbers.

Mini Book of Names and Faces ($30) - How cute would this be to put in our family's photos so she can learn the important names and faces?

Your Birthday Book ($10) - It's not something she can read right now, but I would love to fill this out for her over the years so she can read it someday! From what I understand, you interview your child each year on their birthday and document it in this book. We already have My Baby Book (same brand) to record her milestones.


P.S. For Rooney, her birthday gifts will always come just a couple months after Christmas, so I would like to implement a way to introduce new things to her throughout the year rather than just three months in the winter. Do you just hide them in a closet and bring a new one out each month?