Rooney's 15-Month Photo Shoot


Back in February, I won a giveaway over at Des Moines Moms Blog for a milestone photo shoot with Crystal Newcomb Creative Studios. I've known Crystal for several years (we used to work together) so I was excited to win and decided to use the photo shoot toward her 15-month photos. We didn't really take any 12-month photos of her so her birthday photos will have to suffice. I love the studio Crystal rents so we decided to go with a studio session. They are so light and bright, which is my favorite for photos. I wanted to wait until Roo was walking, so we set the date and thankfully she starting walking a couple weeks before! Then she fell and scraped her nose, which made me worried, but the scab fell off the night before the shoot. It worked out great. I had planned for her to wear a dress but then I got this outfit from Target and decided she would be more comfortable and that it would pop more in the photos. I'm so glad we decided to switch it up!

Rooney's 15-Month Photos


DSC_7707 DSC_7724 DSC_7734 DSC_7766 DSC_7770 DSC_7782 DSC_7805 DSC_7814 DSC_7828 DSC_7833



We were only at the studio for about 20 minutes so I am very impressed with how many great shots Crystal got. I of course had a vision for how I wanted these to turn out but Rooney had her own ideas. I knew I needed to just let Roo and Crystal do their thing so I took a seat on the couch and just watched.

Rooney is not super smiley (obviously), and especially in a new place with a new face, she was serious in almost all of these. But that is fine...that is who she is! Toward the end I played a couple songs for her on my phone to see if I could get to her to dance or bring out more of her at-home personality. It kind of worked as you can see in the third-to-last photo. Oh, and the black and white photo of her on the patterned chair? I love it but she is actually crying in that photo! She did NOT want to sit there...she loved the little brown rocking chair since it was just her size.

Our Behind-the-Scenes Photos

With such a great light, we couldn't help but snap a few ourselves!

photo (36)

photo (37)

photo (38)

photo 1 (7) photo 2 (4)

Thank you Des Moines Moms Blog and Crystal Newcomb for these beautiful photos!

Past Milestone Photo Shoots: