22 Photos for Your Weekend

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Williams 027

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Williams 158BW

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Williams 140BW

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You know you picked a great photographer when you leave the shoot thinking you didn't get any good shots (it was chilly, bright and windy, and Roo stared at the ground 90% of the time and her hat kept falling over her eyes) and then when you get the CD you can hardly choose from all the good ones. I love these candid shots! One of these days I will learn to relax...

But I can't take the credit. Mandy actually picked us. I've known her for years but recently our paths have crossed more often (she started attending our church after reading our blog), and we were so blessed when she asked if she could take our family photos. We appreciate good photography so we immediately took her up on her offer and asked her to come with us to the pumpkin patch.

These photos were taken on our sixth wedding anniversary - making them even more special. We're using one (not pictured) for our Christmas cards! Thank you, Mandy!

P.S. I love these 10 tips for family photos. Wish I would have read it before we took ours!