Pre-order: Needtobreathe's New Album, "The Reckoning"


Needtobreathe is our most favoritist band ever in the history of musical ensembles! If you haven't heard of them or heard their music, we encourage you to check them out on Needtobreathe. They have a new album coming out on Sept. 20 called "The Reckoning" that we just pre-ordered. You can do the same by clicking here. It's $10 for either the hard copy to be mailed to you (plus shipping and handing) or $10 for a digital download.

The Reckoning- Needtobreathe

And, when you pre-order you will get two of their new songs right away. My favorite so far is "Drive All Night." You can also hear their two new songs on their website if you click the pre-order link.

Or maybe you want to enter our iTunes gift card giveaway and if you win, you can buy the album on Sept. 20. Just a thought.

Happy Sunday, peeps!

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