Last Night's Date

How have you been doing with your date night commitments? We've had to change the date of ours for the past three weeks, but we've still made time for it each week since we promised we would! This week, it was my turn to plan our date night. Eric had no idea what we were doing. It was so fun!

  • I emailed him on Friday at 3:45 p.m. at work at said, "Please send me your Subway order. I'll pick you up at home at 6 p.m."
  • After work, I got our dinner using a Subway gift card that Eric had won a few weeks ago. We brought chips and drinks from home. (So this week's date cost us 34 cents out-of-pocket!)

  • I packed our picnic basket with a blanket, camera, football, and food.

  • We went to a nearby park and enjoyed our dinner in peace and quiet, talking about our day, our baby and our blogs.

  • After eating, we laid there for a while and listened to music from Eric's iPhone.

  • We played catch for a while with the football, took some photos, and then went home and watched The Joneses on Netflix. We left feeling so refreshed and connected.

 I hope you're able to relax and enjoy time with your loved one this week!