How I Switched to Part-Time

I wanted to give a few more details on how my new job opportunity came about and how I've been feeling as a working mom for the past five months.

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When I went back to work in May, Rooney was only 2 months old. Things were OK for a couple weeks. I welcomed the break from taking care of a newborn full-time that work provided.

But after a few weeks, I was heartbroken. I would cry almost every night when I finally got to see and hold Rooney. She was changing, and I was missing it. I was distracted at work, which I felt terrible about and wasn't fair to my employer. I was constantly thinking about Rooney and wondering if we could afford for me to cut hours.

I started to resent my job.

My mind was made up that I needed a change, but the details of how it would all work out weren't clear.

At all.

I ran the numbers many times, to see what it would be like if I stayed home, or worked 20 hours, or 30 hours. It didn't make sense on paper. More tears. More prayers. More tears.

We were stuck in that place for five hard months. Oh, how impatient we are. (Can you imagine Abraham and Sarah waiting years and years for their promise to be fulfilled?)

Even though the numbers didn't really make sense (we would be $200 in the hole each month!), I eventually asked my boss to let me cut hours. Because it's not a leap if you have it all figured out, right? We kept praying that we weren't being foolish by trying to be faithful. I didn't think God would put such a strong desire on my heart if it wasn't his will, but I heard the following day from my boss that it wasn't going to be possible in my current position.

I was a bummed, but God had much bigger plans for us.

A friend sent me a job posting at our church. I decided to apply for it but was concerned that financially it wouldn't be enough. A couple months later, when I got the job offer, I found out that I would receive benefits if I worked more than 30 hours. And they were good benefits. Like an onsite day care and $1 health and dental insurance.

To us, this can only be explained as a God thing.

I started today and and will be working 32 hours a week (Wednesdays off), and Rooney will be going to day care down the hall from me! It is expected that my priorities be my personal relationship with God, my family (immediate and extended) and then my job. This is such a relief and aligns with what I already believe!

We were blessed with the right opportunity and, honestly, we don't have to sacrifice as much as we originally thought we would. I will say that saving money is not a reason to switch to part-time. At least it didn't work out that way for us. We knew it would make things a bit tighter, so we got busy crunching the numbers! More on that Thursday!

P.S. Say no to debt, say yes to living your dreams...