Going Back to Work

Please tell me it will be OK. Good, even.

For all of us.


I am going back to work next week and I feel the baby blues kicking back in. Thankfully my midwife warned me that this might happen.

Some days are easier than others (like yesterday, when she was really fussy). But on Monday I cried four times about it and didn't ever want to set her down. My heart hurts I love her so much.

This is a total swing from where I was two months ago, but the anxiety is the same.

It will be another big change for our family and we'll have to establish a new routine. Again. It feels like we just went through this.

Is this the new normal for the rest of my life? Is this just part of being a mom?

Two things that may make it easier: I'm working half days for the first week, and I have accepted an exciting new position at our company.

I am not an organized person or a lover of change, so I would love any ideas you have that made it easier for you to go back after having kids. Because I know the only way out is through.