Game Day Recipe: Grilled Wings

A few weeks ago I had some friends over to watch the Hawkeyes beat Michigan at the Big House. Having recently discovered that I have a passion for grilling, I asked myself,  "What goes better with a game of football than wings?" I did some research and found a few websites that helped me come up with a game plan (this was my first attempt at grilling wings).

My friend Dave told me I should use whole chicken wings, which I found to work very well. Here is a video I found from Dr. BBQ at Firecooker that shows how to prepare, grill and sauce some great wings.


The wings: I bought two packages of 10 whole chicken wings from the store. Fresh, not frozen. Before putting the rub on, I had to cut off the tips (as shown in the video). Some quick math: 2 packages x 10 whole wings=20 whole wings. 20 whole wings cut into wings/drummies = 40 total wings.

The rub: is great because you can change the servings and it will auto-calculate the measurements. I went with 15 servings and it should last me through two batches of 20 whole chicken wings. I would find out later that the rub was the defining factor in the end. It gave the wings such a great grilled barbecue flavor and when mixed with the sauce was so incredibly tasteful.

The sauce: I took advice from the video and used 1 cup of KC Masterpiece Honey BBQ sauce, 1 cup of Franks Wing sauce and 1 cup of butter. Simply heat on the stove and stir well. I also made a smaller batch with just barbecuesauce and butter. (KW and some of my friends don't like too much spice.) These were also delicious.

After grilling, but before saucing, I finished cutting the wings into the traditional wing/drummie. Then toss them in the sauce and voila!

These turned out better than I could have imagined. I have since made them for my family's Thanksgiving dinner and for our life group.