Over the Weekend: June 17-19, 2011


  • After work, we went home and hugged it out and made a plan for our night. Can you tell how excited we are for the weekend to be here?

  • We decided to split up and hustle until 8 p.m. I had an appointment to get my eyebrows waxed and also needed to get a wedding gift and birthday gift at Target, and Eric wrote a couple blog posts that you'll get to read this week.
  • At 8 p.m., we ate supper: cinnamon/sugar toast for me and leftover pizza goulash for Eric. Oh, and we both had some chips and dip. Did you know that Eric is called the "chip dip kid" by his dad's friends? He still likes to load up ripple chips with more dip than you could imagine. I have to box him out until I've had my share otherwise there would not be any left!

See? He totally knows he's guilty.

  • Then we watched three episodes of LOST, finishing the second season, and one episode of Parenthood, season 1.


  • Mr. Overachiever went on a 10.87 mile bike ride to our workplace to see if he could use his bike as transportation to work this summer (our morning routine is still a bit rough). It only took him 25 minutes each way, but he decided he was way too sweaty when he got there to work for eight hours! Also, all the helmet police who spoke up after our biking video will be happy to see that Eric now has a brain bucket.

And he looks mighty attractive.

  • Meanwhile, I cleaned the bathroom. Shocked? Me, too.
  • Eric kicked and screamed to go to the mall (just kidding...) so we went to find him some jean shorts. We struck out, but I did get a Father's Day gift for my papa. And ate lunch: Panera for me (you've tried their mac and cheese, right?!) and Chinese for Eric.

  • We watched the first two episodes of LOST season three, and then got ready for our friends Chris and Erin's wedding.

  • After the wedding, Eric took my outfit photos and our friends Brenna, Jess, Doug and Justin (not pictured because he took this photo) acted as bubble machines.

  • We repaid them with an impromptu photo shoot.

  • The reception was filled with the best cake ever, crazy dancing and lots of laughing. I'm so happy we had a table to ourselves.


  • We got up and traveled an hour north to Ames to see my parents, sister, brother-in-law and nieces. We enjoyed a few hours at Reiman Gardens and then ate lunch at West Towne Pub, where burgers were devoured and Father's Day gifts exchanged.

Until we have kids of our own to show off, we'll resort to making you fall in love with our adorable nieces.

  • Back to Des Moines in time for church and a grocery trip!
  • Eric got after some house work and I wrote some blog posts and then we met in the kitchen for a goodnight dance to Zac Brown Band. Oh, and he had bought me some flowers because I've been a little stressed out lately with all the work I need to do before we leave on Friday!

Happy Father's Day to all of you who have children or act as a father figure. Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

What was your highlight?