Over the Weekend: Dec. 2-4

I have to admit we had kind of a rough week last week. We got home from D.C. at 9:30 p.m. last Sunday, exhausted and quickly launched into a week with no groceries, no blog posts ready, piles of laundry, trying to get Christmas cards addressed and out the door, etc. We didn't carpool even one day this week, and most of our evenings were spent apart. I think we ate one meal together, where I proved (yet again) that I am a disaster in the kitchen. Luckily Eric saved the day. We didn't even get to watch The Sing Off finale together (go Pentatonix!) because I had three freelance projects to finish that night. :( Still, we somehow managed to get a blog post up at least once every day this week, thanks to Eric, who worked hard and quickly to edit all his awesome photos. You see, I am quite selfish with my alone time with my love...and I didn't get nearly enough this week. So on Friday morning at work when I got this sweet email from him, I was really excited.

And then this one, right before I left work...

Oh weekend, we really needed you!

Not that we weren't busy busy! Here's a recap.


I was invited to a craft day by my sister at our friend Heidi's. I had met a few of the gals before but had never been to craft day. I would not consider myself a crafter, but it was so fun! I actually surprised myself with my sewing machine skills. :) I showed the other gals how to make a necklace from an old T-shirt, and they taught me how to make a bunch of cool things, including fabric clips (for paper and hair), a fabric headband, decorated ornament balls and a fabric canvas bag. I brought home a few of the other crafts (not shown) to finish later because it was exhausting!

Side note: Heidi had her little boy, Beckett, three weeks ago yesterday, and he is so perfect and little! Meeting him and seeing her hold and feed him made me jealous and ready to meet our little girl! We still have a lot to do before she comes, and I want to savor these last moments with Eric, but...baby, I love you so much! P.S. You totally need to watch Heidi's birth day video...it is amazing!

While I was gone, Eric made chili, met with our friend Justin, finished our Christmas cards, and cleaned and decorated the house for a house showing.

I am a lucky, lucky girl to come home to such a wonderful thing.

We went to church at 6:30 p.m. and then to our college friend/Eric's fraternity brother Jeremy's house for a Christmas party with friends. The party started at 8, which is usually almost my bedtime, but we stayed out until 11:30. It was great to catch up with everybody.

Before we went to bed, we prayed together (as we always do). At the end of my prayer, I prayed that I would be able to find, in my size and on sale, this vest at Old Navy. I've wanted it for two months but it keeps selling out and our stores no longer carry it. Silly prayer, maybe, but I did it anyway.


I slept in! Until 10:30! It was awesome. (So maybe I'm not quite ready for our little girl to be here...)

Eric was already up, changing the oil in our Jeep and trying to figure out some other issues we're having with the driver-side door. (Do you see a pattern here? I love him.)

I got online and found out that the vest I wanted (and had prayed for) was in stock in my size, and 30% off! Seriously. How crazy is that? God is good, all the time. :)

In the afternoon, we made a quick trip north to our nephew Kaleb's birthday party. I can't believe he is already 7! His party was at the roller skating rink and he loved the Lego man display case we gave him. I was bummed I couldn't skate, but I enjoyed the snack bar! ;)

We came home for some cuddle time and a night snack!

Hope you had a great weekend! Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?