Meet Our November Sponsors

We are thrilled to partner with two awesome fans of WoW this November. You will notice their buttons in our right sidebar, and they will be hanging out with us all month, so make sure to check them out! Let me introduce you to a fellow Iowan family blog, Years Are Short. They even wrote a condensed version of their fairytale story so you can get to know them in 4.78 seconds.

Years are Short

Boy meets girl. Girl deliberates about whether or not to date boy. Boy declares he and girl are dating. Girl breaks up with boy. Undaunted, boy allows the break-up to last all of 20 minutes. Months later, girl admits they are dating (and, yeah, probably had been all along). A couple years pass, and boy asks girl to marry him. This time, girl doesn't think twice. Six years, jobs, a mortgage and some kids later, we've noticed that while sometimes the days seem long, the years move fast.

Hey! We're Pam and Joel, and we met at Central College in Iowa. Joel is a musician at a church, and Pam now mostly stays home and balances things (kids, checkbooks, work, etc.). A year and a half into marriage (and Pam's inordinately long commute to grad school), we relocated and found our home: the east coast... of Iowa. We have three sweet kids under five, no pets and only very rarely do we wish it was the other way around. (Kidding!)

In the past, we've taken on projects, like running a marathon and opening a little business, because we enjoy working together. We started our blog as a project to document the charming, memorable or quirky parts of every day. We blog to keep up with friends and family; to share life; and record our thoughts on being married, loving on our kids and growing in our faith. We don't do any of those things perfectly, but our blog chronicles our efforts at enjoying the little things and embracing the everyday. (There might be some food, projects, wandering around the state and other randomness thrown in there, too.)

We hope you'll stop by and visit our little corner of the Internet at!

Next, let me introduce you to JennJill Designs.

JennJill Designs

Hello, readers! My name is Jennifer, and making beautiful custom accessories is my game. Through JennJill Designs, I offer handcrafted items ranging from personalized covers to protect your e-reader or tablet, to unique wall hangings to decorate your home, to customized Christmas ornaments, and everything in between. My goal in every item I create is to capture your personality and style and to help you add a touch of beauty to your home. I'm so excited to support Words of Williams, and I'm thrilled to offer you a 15% off discount when using the code "WoW15" at checkout. I hope you'll stop on by -- I can't wait to meet you!

Thanks again to our November sponsors. If you are interested in sponsoring Words of Williams, contact Eric via email.