Letters to Rooney: 6 Weeks Old

Dear Roo,

One of my favorite things to do is watch you wake up from a deep sleep. You stretch your arms up and tilt your head to the side and make the cutest little scrunchy face. You are just so innocent and sweet. Taking care of you has made me realize how dependent we all are at one time. Maybe someday you'll know what I mean.

Your favorite things to do are sleep in your swing, study my face when you eat, ride in the car, watch TV (even though you're not supposed to) and have your diaper changed. You are like me in that most times you'd rather sleep than eat. We are really lucky because we get at least one stretch of five to seven hours of sleep every night. Let's keep that up.

It was pretty obvious from the beginning that I am your favorite person. I know that will change some day, so I am trying to treasure these moments. At least once a day you take a nap in my arms. It is our favorite thing to do together.

I never want anyone to hurt you. I look at you and realize that you don't know anything but love. I wish I could protect you forever from the hurt that is inevitable in this world. But I can't. Instead I can introduce you to Jesus and demonstrate how to live a Christian life. You will be baptized next month, and we hope and pray that as you grow you show love for Jesus with your life and your laughter.

You bring us joy, and we are so thankful.

Love always, Mom

Dear Rooney Bear,

How about the first month, huh? That was pretty rough. I am so thankful for the challenges you bring us; without them, we wouldn't have learned how to take care of your needs. The struggles have built up our character as parents.

Some people say they want you to stay a little baby forever. I disagree. What fun would that be? I can't wait to watch you grow and change, and to get bigger, smarter and stronger. I can't wait to teach you about the world. You will stumble and it will break my heart, but it will make us both stronger in the end.

However, right now it's hard to imagine you doing anything on your own. I know the day will come, but for now we are happy to provide for your every need.

Did you know your mom is amazing? She gave birth to you like a champ. I couldn't be prouder of how that situation went, and couldn't have planned it any better myself. God orchestrated your birth many moons ago.

Right now I'm watching you sleep peacefully, every once in awhile chasing bandits off with your flailing arms. You are too cute for your own good!

I want to thank you for being such a good sleeper. You get that from your mom. It makes for happy parents. Keep dreaming, for one day you will turn those dreams into reality.

Love, Daddy