Rooney's First Headlining Tour


This weekend marked the first of what is sure to be many tours around Iowa. Rooney made her debut in stunning fashion as we ventured to both of our hometowns for two tour stops (baby showers) and a late Easter celebration. Be prepared for lots of photos!

I knew we were in trouble when the Jeep was full before we were we going to have room to bring our gifts home?

Sure enough, we had to stop 3/4 of the way to Lake Mills so Rooney could snack.

Packed Full

Rooney didn't seem to mind eating in the car.

She loves her mom

She was ready to play with daddy upon arrival.

Playing with Daddy

Then the Smiths showed up. Mylie was handing out Easter eggs, and then taking them back...I was so confused.


Myah and Maysen got to hold Rooney again. They call her Baby Rooney.

Myah and Rooney

Maysen and Rooney

Most of the day Saturday was spent at Kelsey's nana and grandpa's house for the first tour stop. I had to get her ready for the show. Before long, she was crowd surfing amongst all the guests.

Daddy duty

Rooney and Great Grandpa

Our friend Joa made the trip and documented all the treasures we went home with.

Kelsey and Joa

All that crowd surfing tired her out. We found a nice corner in nana and granpda's room to take a snooze.

Rooney Napping

She's gonna love her new jungle!

Rooney's jungle

Rooney and Mylie

Myah and I went outside for some fresh air. Then she said, "Look what I can do!"

Myah flying

Jessica and Kelsey are cousins and six months apart. Just like their babies, Sawyer and Rooney.

Jessica and Kelsey

My girls were all tuckered out from a long day.

Kelsey and Rooney napping


Getting tips from the expert.

Getting tips from Supermom

The gift we can't wait for Rooney to grow into.

baby moccasins

We ate at the golf course. Rooney's first restaurant in Lake Mills was the same place Kelsey and I had our first date.

Family meal at Mitchell's

Sunday morning we snuggled in bed as a family. Rooney is really starting to coo, make faces and react to us. We are loving it!!

Rooney and Daddy

On Sunday we celebrated Easter at grandma Dorothy's. Little Benjamin was in awe of Rooney. He sat there just like the photo for 15 minutes.

Rooney and Benjamin

Then we were off to Belmond for shower #2. Check out the zebra piggy bank!

Baby shower

Rooney and Wanda

Rooney and Great Grandma

On the road again.

heading home

This was one of those weekends where we wish we had a weekend from the weekend. We were gone from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening. We were exhausted Sunday night, but getting to see all of our friends and family at the baby showers was worth it. Rooney is one lucky girl to have so many people care about her.

Let's hear how your weekend was in the comments!