Being a Dad is... Awesome

Last Friday I was reminded in three different ways that being a dad is awesome. First at the Men's bible study. Second, was when Kelsey sent me a video about "How to Dad" (video below). And, Third was a blog post on Design for Minikind by Erin Loechner about a day in the life of a dad. Being a dad...a noble calling of which we have a massive responsibility. The tasks are endless, the work never ends, and sometimes the rewards are hard to see. Take heart fellas and enjoy the awesomeness that is being a dad.

Because there will be days of craziness, and if you're living in toddlerville like we are right now, you might even have a day like we had Tuesday. The morning started with a huge tantrum, and the evening ended with a trip to Noodles of which Rooney took one bite and then screamed at the top of her lungs. It seemed like it might of been hot or spicy, but it was neither. So, we boxed up our meals and went home. And...we're still not sure what was wrong with her, but she kept whimpering all evening, and wouldn't eat or drink anything.

In those moments we feel helpless. This parenting stuff is hard. But, for every day like we had on Tuesday, there are probably 100 awesome days. If this sounds like a roller coaster... that's because it is one...

Being a Husband and Father

My Men's bible study on Friday mornings is full of awesome men trying to figure out how to live out their Christian faith on a daily basis. The hearts of these men are amazing and inspiring.

Last friday one dude posed an interesting question: "What if when Jesus said You will do greater works than I, he meant being a husband and father?" Because, outdoing the miracles and sacrifices Jesus made here on earth would difficult, but maybe he meant being the head of the house and loving it as He loved his Church...

How to Dad video

[tentblogger-youtube 6GYxH2-WeZY]

Just ignore the subtle push for the new Cheerios. A great video that makes you puff your chest out as a dad, right?

Of, course, it's not all as easy as the commercial makes it seems. There are real battles every day.

A Day in the Life of a Dad

Check out this post from Erin Lochner at Design for Minikind. She describes what a day in the life of a dad must be like (from her perspective). I probably would have never seen the post, except Kelsey tweeted the link at me and said... thanks for getting up at 5 AM every day.

Screen Shot 2014-08-13 at 6.27.46 AM

Kelsey's recognition of the hard work made me feel really honored to do the work. It fed my soul and helped me in light of the events of this Tuesday.

Did you read the post? If not, seriously... go read the post... I'll wait...

While it's very true to a day in the life of this Dad, I'm not sure I'd have it any other way. I'm not sure I'd trade in the Dad cape for any reason.

Even when you get home on a Friday afternoon after a grueling work week and walk in the house hearing sounds of giggling, playing and laughter in your daughter's room. Excited that you get to greet your family with a smile, and celebrate making it through another week and looking forward to spending the weekend together. And as you enter the room you're greeted with a "NO! Go away daddy! Too many people in my room!"

Seriously... where does she get this stuff? Picking my battles, I gave her some space and did the dishes, picked up the living room, vacuumed the hardwood, and cleaned up the kitchen (not normal, but my Mom was coming later that evening). And in the following days as I was thinking of the video and post from above, things kept happening that made me laugh...

  • The blinker went out in the minivan. (have to fix that)
  • The living room blind got a knot in it and wouldn't go up or down and was stuck at an angle. (needs to be fixed)
  • Our bedroom door is really creaky. (needs some oil so I don't wake my wife and daughter in the mornings)
  • The filter in the fridge needs replaced. (have to order that)
  • Monday morning on my way to work, Kelsey calls... the garage door won't open. (straight back home to save my damsels in distress...late for work)

Sigh... it's tough work, but important work. Taking care of things for your family. The greatest feeling is knowing that I'm needed. Your list probably looks different from my list. But we've all got our lists.

We just need to make sure the important things make it on the list too. Things like, bath time, story time, coloring, going for a walk, praying before meals and bedtime, and the tickle monster.

At a wedding recently, Kelsey asked a couple who has been married for 30 years what the hardest part was. Without skipping a beat they said "having young children." So many unknowns, so many changes, so dynamic. We do our best everyday and leave the rest up to God.

Keep persevering. Your family needs you.

What's parenting been like for you lately? Anything like the "How to Dad" video?