My Favorite Personal Finances Websites

The internet is flooded with opinions on how you should handle your money. The opinions vary among the big topics such as debt, budgets, savings, credit cards, and consumer loans. If you don't know where you stand on handling your finances, you'll quickly find conflicting views. Which is why I thought I would share some of my favorite personal finance sites. As a disclaimer, this in no way means that I agree with 100% of the views of any of these sites, but some come closer than others, for sure. The important thing is to find the truth and then be able to dismiss information that is off base from time to time.

Recently, set out to determine the top 50 social influencers in personal finance and wealth. I wanted to share the list and whom I follow, plus a few others that didn't make the cut.

The graphic below shows the top 30, and you can see the list of all 50 on the post. You can even follow all of them on twitter with one click!


Sites I Follow Regularly

From the list

  • #15 Christian Personal Finance: I was lucky enough to meet Bob Lotich at a blogging conference in 2011. He's an awesome guy who runs a great website. I get his blogs in my email everyday and read almost every post. Great stuff!
  • #2 Dave Ramsey: Obviously... right?  Dave's site is full of great resources. My favorites are the investment calculator, ask Dave section, and his daily podcast.
  • #7 Behavior Gap: Carl Richards draws some powerfully simplistic drawing that will help keep you on the right track with your investments. If you are a visual learner, check out his simple sketches.

Didn't make the list

  • Money Under 30 - Great variety of topics. I get one email a week with all the articles they posted and I read the ones that stick out to me.
  • YNAB Blog - I don't read this much anymore. They used to have one guy who blogged about everyday, now it's a handful of bloggers and I find it hard to keep up with their stories. They are great writers though if you find one you can relate to, perhaps just read theirs. The software if top-notch though.
  • Our Freaking Budget - Love.This.Blog. It's great entertainment and education at the same time. And being a young family, we can totally relate!
  • I Will Teach You to Be Rich - Ramit Sethi focuses on the income side of the financial equation. He'll have you thinking differently about your finances for sure. His book is on my reading list.

Who I've Heard of, But Don't Really Follow

  • #1 Robert T. Kiyosaki - The Rich Dad Company (I've read the Rich Dad Poor Dad book)
  • #3 Suze Orman - The Suze Orman Show (Heard of her, but don't really know much else about her)
  • #11 Mr. Money Mustache - Founder/Blogger at (Retired 30 something couple! Radical frugality that will inspire you.)
  • #30 J. Money - (I really just like the name of this site. Haven't read much of the content...)

What do you think of this list? Where do you get your personal finance information? Who do you trust? Leave a comment and let me know.