Chucktown 2011: Day 3

Day 3 rivals Day 2 as my favorite day...


Garrett and Lauren worked on Tuesday, so Eric, Justin, Brenna, Deb and I drove up to Cypress Gardens. Do you remember this pond from the canoeing scene in The Notebook? It is seriously breathtaking!

We had a guided boat tour and just soaked in the beauty and sun rays.

We even saw a few alligators up close! This mama was only six feet away from me!

She was protecting her young, which were not too far away (you can see the little baby's head in the middle of the photo).

Sadly, Eric almost got eaten by this one, but I saved him.

Afterward, we ate lunch on the water near downtown Charleston at California Dreaming. (Yes, we have his and hers sunglasses...)

And that evening, Garrett took us all downtown to The Battery, which was instrumental during the Civil War.

Just a block from Battery Park are dozens of beautiful and historic pre-war style homes.

We ate dinner at Noisy Oyster, where I enjoyed fried grouper and hushpuppies, and Eric had his first taste of oysters.

And where better to end a great day but a candy store?


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