Chucktown 2011: Day 2

I'm so excited to tell you about my favorite day of our trip!


Before our trip, I heard about Boone Hall Plantation and instantly knew I wanted to visit. (Seriously, click here and watch just a few seconds of the intro video. Isn't that amazing?!) Garrett and Lauren live near the plantation but had never been there, so it was really fun that we could all experience it together.

These beautiful live oak trees were built in 1743. Now tell me, what fashion blogger wouldn't want her photos taken in front of that?!

Do you recognize this house from The Notebook? It's Allie's (Rachel McAdams) parents' house. And it is beautiful! We took a tour of the first floor, and the current owners live upstairs.

There was beauty everywhere we looked...and I just love how the moss hangs from the live oak trees.

The girls (Brenna, me, Lauren and Deb)...

The tough guys (Eric, Justin and Garrett)...

We couldn't resist the opportunity for a fun group photo.

Deb, Brenna, Garrett and Lauren on the tram tour.

After a few hours, it was time to head back to Garrett and Lauren's house for their life group gathering. We ate a delicious meal of chicken spaghetti (recipe to come!) and I caught up with April, an amazing girl and worship artist who I met at Garrett and Lauren's wedding four years ago. She says she reads our hi, April! :) Hopefully it won't be four more years until we meet again!


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