Our 2007 Christmas Card


Because this is our first Christmas on WoW, we want to post all of our past Christmas cards as well as this year's in hopes of spreading Christmas cheer. These will be archived on our fairytale page as well. I think making our family Christmas card is one of Kelsey's favorite things to do. Her brainstorming starts in October when she emails me links to a few templates that she likes. I fought this for the first few years (it can be spendy), but I totally embrace it now and have grown to love watching Kels' passion for creating our Christmas message to those we love. She outdoes herself every year. We are thrilled that we now have a blog and can share these with all of you!! Another note: You may have noticed yesterday that we are counting down the last days of 2011 by reposting our top 10 posts of the year. So if you have been a longtime reader, we hope you enjoy rereading some of our most read posts, and if you're new, well then, we hope you enjoy some of the buried treasures. (These posts exclude our fairytale series and our debt free story.) This was an idea from a post on Jon Acuff's blog.

Here is our Christmas card from 2007:

Williams Christmas card 2007

designed/printed at Shutterfly