Break Time

Oh... hey... hello there! It's been a while since I've made an appearance. Two weeks! Honestly, I've missed blogging and I'm excited to be back. I know it feels like the same old song and dance from a few months ago, but sometimes in life, something has to give in order to preserve sanity. And in this case I gave up blogging for a while. It's uncharacteristic for my discipled self, but it was good for the soul.

What have I been doing lately? I thought you would never ask...

  • Working the morning shift. We just went through our busy season at work. It's been crazy, so I've been going in to work an hour earlier than normal, which meant less time for writing. The overtime pay was nice, but I'm so glad it's over.
  • Spending time with family. I never imagined Rooney changing so quickly. I think in two weeks she hit three major milestones (crawling, pulling herself up and sprouting a tooth). All this made me hit the slow-motion button. I've soaked up every waking moment I can with her and Kelsey to etch it in my memory. She is seriously so fun right now.
  • Resting. At the same time I was swamped at work, I was also dealing with some physical issues. I was so drained that the creative process had to be put on hiatus. I'm not sure what's been going on, but looking back I think it was a spiritual attack on my soul. I can't remember a time when my self-esteem has been so low.

Now that my breath is caught, I've had some time to reflect on the time away. Until now, I've kind of felt guilty for neglecting the online community that we have here on Words of Williams, but honestly, taking a break was the best thing for me in the moment. It helped me realize that missing a day of posting is not the end of the world and you all do come back even when we skip out on a few days (thank you).

Along with posting sporadically over the past month, I've realized that I need some room in my life for spontaneity, or at least a little more balance between routine and flying by the seat of my pants. I've found I can do neither 100% of the time.

I've also been in awe at how amazing God can be in a time of dispair. I've felt so much pressure to provide for my family and to help Kelsey find a part-time work solution, that while I was barely hanging on, He was making it happen without an ounce of help from me. Another reminder that He is in control.

I'm sure I've not been missed, as Kelsey has done an amazing job of keeping the posts flowing. She makes me smile. She is amazing. I love her.

Have you ever been in a similar situation?