A Grocery Trip / 02

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Sundays are grocery day! This was a light trip for us, but I've been wanting to show you an updated grocery trip for a while now. This will last us through the week with what we already have at home (pork chops, sunflower seed butter, clementines, grass-fed ground beef and beef sticks, tortillas, frozen peas, whole grain pasta).

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Organic Produce

  • Baby spinach ($4.49)
  • Celery ($2.69)

Non-Organic Produce

  • Baby carrots ($1.99)
  • Bananas ($1.75)
  • Lettuce ($3.29; should have gotten organic, but didn't even think about it)


  • Deli chicken ($3.17)

Things I'm Embarrassed to Show You

  • Candy hearts ($1.49 each)
  • Velveeta cheese ($3.99)
  • Canned soup ($.85 each)


Total Cost: $26.23


P.S. I wish celery was not on the dirty dozen list. Organic is almost $2.00 more than conventional!

P.P.S. I loved Keeper of the Home's post about finding real food in the grocery store.