When Life Gives You a Lemon Seed...Grow a Tree

Back in March Kelsey and I were up North in Lake Mills visiting her family. On Saturday, Kelsey had a bridal shower for her cousin Anna and later that night was the bachelorette party. I remember this weekend very well as it was the same weekend that UNI gave Kansas a shocking blow to the gut, knocking the overall #1 seed out of the tournament in the second round. Love March Madness (another story for another day). Fast forward to Sunday...Jane, Leon, Kari, Myah, Maysen, Kelsey, and I stopped at Denny's for lunch before heading back home. Kelsey ordered a lemonade and mentioned how for a while now she has wanted a lemon tree. I said that we should grow one from a seed. She thought this was a silly idea, and that it would never work. Kelsey is also a big fan of instant gratification, so knowing that she would have to wait for said tree to grow was not that appealing. Somehow I convinced her to let me try.

I took 2 seeds from her lemon slice that was in her lemonade. When we got home I jumped on the internet and found this nice article with tips on how to grow a lemon tree from a seed.

So, I was trying to wash the 2 seeds that I had (2 because it gave me a higher percentage that 1 would actually grow) and sure enough 1 of the slippery little booggers shot out of my hand and down the drain. 1 seed left. So with extra care, I placed the seed into 2 paper towels on a plate, folded them up and soaked it with water, then covered it with plastic wrap. There it sat for about a month and a half, with me checking it about once a week becoming more and more pessimistic about the whole situation.

Finally on May 5 I checked it one last time (I was ready to just throw it away) and Ureaka! It had sprouted.

I then potted the seedling into a small pot and have been trying to give it as much sunlight as possible. I had now grown another small appendage and that is also now starting to split. (I don't think the photo this very well)

Anyway, I am very excited as I like to watch things grow. Even if it will take about 7 years before the tree is mature and grows fruit. I think it will be worth the wait.

Stay tuned for updates as this seed becomes a tree...

UPDATE: Here is a look at our lemon tree as of September 3, 2010