We're On Vacation!


Hey peeps. We are officially on vacation--in a mini van headed to Charleston, S.C., (Chucktown) to see my buddy Garrett and his wife, Lauren (and their little snuggle bug that's still in the oven). Also in the van with us are @BrennaStoffa and @JustinStoffa (Garrett's sister and brother-in-law), and their dog, Kinnick. We plan on taking some video and plenty of photos to share with you when we get back, but we wanted to let you know that you are in good hands this week.

We have some fun posts scheduled for next week that include a guest post from our favorite food bloggers at 1 cup Awesome, a short survey so you can tell us more about you, another guest post by our friends at Living in Pursuit, a June Recap and of course Fairytale Friday. We are super pumped to be able to share this fun content with you all while we are gone. We might not be as active in the comments section, but please continue to leave them! We will check in periodically and answer if we have time.

If you want to keep up with us on Twitter, you can follow the list Chucktown Bound. This includes Kelsey, Brenna, Justin, Garrett and myself.

Have a great week and we will catch you on the flip side!