Update: No Shave November

I know you have all been dying to see some mug shots from this challenge (original post here). I am starting to get used this beard thing a little bit, but not sure I will make it too far into Don't Shave December. KW, despite her initial thoughts on the endeavour has mentioned that it's not as bad as she originally thought it would be. Last night she even told me that it was a nice change of pace. Observations so far

1. If you start growing a beard, be prepared for everyone to ask you about it. If you are looking for attention; don't shave.

2. Facial hair sucks the moisture out of your lips. I think I have gone through nearly a whole tube of chapstick in 2 weeks.

3. The mustache feels weird. I am constantly wiping it because it feels like I left something in there from my previous meal.

4. For a guy that has really dark brown hair, it surprising to see so much red and blond whiskers.

These photos were taken Wednesday:

And the profile...