No Shave November

Not sure what this challenge is? Urban Dictionary sums it up so eloquently as they always do: click here I have been telling myself for months that I am going to give this a try. However, I think I am going to bend the rules and trim the grossness that is forming at the bottom of my neck. It's just too itchy. I am going to stick with the main fullness of the beard as long as I can though.

4 Reasons for growing a beard

  1. What man hasn't asked himself: "What would I look like with a beard?"
  2. How much more of a man could I be with a beard? (the lumberjack theory)
  3. My dad has had some sort of facial hair ever since I can remember. It works for him, why not me?
  4. Abe Lincoln had a beard. Enough said.

So here I go. I must admit I jumped the gun a little as my last shave was on October 29. My normal shaving routine is about every 3 or 4 days. Not that I don't need to shave more often, but more that I don't like to, my skin is sensitive, and my wife likes my face a little scruffy.

Which leads to this debacle. KW isn't too happy about my new adventure. She likes me scruffy, but nothing past 4 days without a shave (such a small window of opportunity to please). She doesn't like it so much that she said if I'm not shaving then neither is she. I can't argue with that logic.

Anyone out there joining in the fun and celebrating their masculinity?