Time Is...

Time is: money, finite, valuable, precious... I think precious is my personal definition. So precious in fact that if you are not careful, time can slip away from you. I have been on a productivity kick for about the last month, trying to be intentional with my time. Making sure that I have a plan for my free time in order to not let everyday distractions suck me into NOT getting the things done that I need/want to get done. If you are looking for a good blogger to follow on this topic I would suggest Michael Hyatt.

We have all been there before; you have a list of things to get done one evening after a long day at work. But, you just need to sit down for a minute to relax (yawn). That minute turns into hours of watching meaningless TV and before you realize it, it's time for bed and your to do list feels neglected because forgot to take it for a walk.

I think laziness gets the best of my time sometimes and I am trying really hard to do something about it. I have never been a very organized person, but I am trying to develop a good habit of making a quick to do list for my free time. I do think that at the end of my lists I will include something fun to do as a reward for completing all of the previous items.

The point: Create order out of the chaos of everyday life. Certainly an on-going battle.

In what ways do you manage your time?