A Christmas Letter by Jon Acuff

If you haven't checked out Jon Acuff over at Stuff Christians Like, you are missing out (he's a pretty big deal). He will make you laugh. And what a generous guy. As a prize for pre-ordering his new book Gazelles, Baby Steps, and 37 other things Dave Ramsey Taught me about Debt, he offered to write our Christmas letter for us!

Dear Friends & Family, My name is Jon Acuff and recently on my blog I offered to write Christmas cards for people. I am happy to say that Eric took me up on that offer. Now, in honor of full disclosure, I have not met Eric or Kelsey yet, but hope to in Kansas City in March. So I have to assume some things. I assume for instance that Eric has a goatee. He might not though. I assume that Kelsey is good at volleyball, but again, that's just an assumption. But I do know for certain that they love MASH and football and work at the same company and hope to start a family someday that will collectively watch MASH and play football.

Above all, what I know about Eric and Kelsey is that they want to say one thing to you as the year draws to a close,

Merry Christmas!