My Thoughts on The Vow

Have you seen The Vow yet? (If not, we got it free from Redbox (using these free Redbox coupon codes). Watch it this weekend!)

Eric and I both really liked it. I think watching it after recently having a baby made me see it in a unique way.

The premise of the story is (I won't give anything away that you can't see in the trailer): A young married couple gets into a car accident, and the wife goes into a coma. When she wakes up, she has no clue who her husband is or why she married him. She doesn't even know who she is anymore.

I kind of feel like having a baby was a car accident in our marriage. That sounds weird, but stay with me. Once the dust settled a bit after Roo was born, I was left pondering, Who am I now that I'm a mom? How does being a mom change who I am as a wife and a woman? Needless to say, having a baby really changed the dynamic in our house, and we have a lot less time now to spend on ourselves and our marriage.

We love having Rooney in our lives, but we are still trying to figure out how to make it all work. How to make sure we don't lose focus of our marriage. I suppose we can't avoid some of it, but we want to be make it a priority as much as possible.

So after having a baby, and then occasionally (about once a month) getting back into dating my husband, I am relearning what I love about him and what our love is based on. I am flirting with him how I used to flirt with him before we were married. When we get out just the two of us (thanks mostly to grandma!), we are playful and fun and spontaneous. Almost giddy! We haven't been that way in years! Dates had become so...routine? Expected?

It's really cool to have this blossoming love again. It's been a slow process as we re-date each other, just as it would be if you lost your memory and had to start completely over. Not as dramatic, but still. We do a lot of reminiscing now of the past: how he used to walk me to class in college, how we used to try new restaurants and go mini-golfing and I'd always beat him, all the fun things we did on our honeymoon, etc. Those days are still so special to us, and just thinking about them stirs up wonderful feelings.

But we are in a different season now. And it is good. It has made us really cherish the moments we are together, just the two of us.

Does this make sense to anyone? Too deep for a Friday? I was explaining it to Eric and he said I needed to blog it. So there you go! Have an awesome weekend.