Perfect Is the Enemy

This is a guest post from Amber. She is a married mother of two seeking a fulfilling and stylish life for her family. (You should totally click through to her blog to see more pictures of her cute kids!)

As a mostly Type A, typically overachieving eldest child, I can't help but aim for perfection. As a student, my high strung, meticulous ways mostly served me well. But as an adult, married with children, I've discovered that it can be a character flaw. Perfection is indeed the enemy of "good enough."

Perfect is the Enemy

  • I can accept help, whether or not a task is done my way (aka the right way).
  • Guests still enjoy our company when I haven't cleaned the baseboards or they step on a toy.
  • Kids like being kids and I do not have to be teaching mine something profound every waking moment.
  • I can enjoy my life and feel good about myself even if I never look anything like 22-year-old me again.
  • I do not need to have a competitive mile time to make running worthwhile.
  • It's still fun to share my outfits on my blog with pictures taken using self-timer and not my husband/friend/colleague with down-low photography talent.

Whenever I find myself feeling overwhelmed or disappointed, I try to take a step back and consider what the real problem is. Often, it's my perspective. I hate feeling that I wasted time worrying, irritated and anxious over details that won't matter in the big picture. That's usually enough kick in the pants for me to re-evaluate a situation and change my attitude. I want to be happy and appreciating every moment of my blessed life.

Has the quest for perfection ever stood in your way? Do you have any tools that help you gain perspective?