The Newest Member of Our Family

Eric and I have always wanted to sponsor a child each time we are blessed with our own. When I was at Women of Faith I had the chance to do so through World Vision. The timing was perfect because at that time we had started to feel like we were hanging on to our money too tightly and needed to open our hearts and give more. No matter how tight we think our financial situation is, it's certainly nothing like this girl's parents', halfway across the world.

  • Name: Venesuella Nikurikize
  • Gender: Girl
  • Birthday: March 2, 2011
  • Country: Burundi

We chose Venesuella specifically because she was born on Rooney's birthday, one year earlier. I think it is so cool that Rooney and Venesuella will grow up together and that we will always be reminded on Rooney's birthday - as she is likely showered with more gifts than she needs - that there are so many others who are less fortunate.

More About Venesuella:

Venesuella lives with her parents and one sister. Her parents are farm laborers. Despite their efforts, her parents struggle to provide for the family's needs.

Venesuella lives in Burundi, a country recovering from political unrest and war. Homes are built of bricks, soil and banana fibers, and some have iron sheets as roofs. Families eat bananas, potatoes, rice, beans cassava and fish. The average temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

Venesuella is not in school at this time. She likes to play ball games. She helps at home by being good. She is in satisfactory health.

My heart breaks when I look at her face, big brown eyes and those furrowed eyebrows. I would love to meet her some day! We pray that our sponsorship of $35/month provides Venesuella a better life. Our funds go toward providing her community in Burundi with prevention and care programs to reduce the incidence and impact of HIV and AIDS. We have also been praying that she will know the Lord and have access to nutritious food and quality education and health care.

If you have any interest in sponsoring a child, visit World Vision.