Recent Food Choices That I'm Proud of (and Some That I'm Not...)



  • We don't keep pop in the house. (That's how I grew up, too!) I drink water with most meals, although I love me some lemonade and juice. (Maybe that last part should be things I'm not proud of..)
  • For a few months now I've been eating a peanut butter sandwich for lunch. (That's healthy, right?) One slice of 100% whole grain/whole wheat bread with creamy or crunchy peanut butter. Recently I switched from Jif to Krema. The only ingredient on the label is peanuts! I'm still getting used to the taste. It gets an A from Fooducate, so I feel kind of awesome about that, but my brain wishes I was still eating a PB with added sugar. Bah. Darn sugar addiction.
  • I get at least two servings of fruit at lunch. Lately it's a combo of oranges, organic strawberries or organic cherry tomatoes. My parents also just brought us an awesome cantaloupe that we've been enjoying.
  • My snacks that I bring with me to work are a banana and raw cashews.
  • A friend came over last weekend and helped us make some baby food for Rooney! (Someone asked me for a post about that, so stay tuned.)


  • I am still craving chocolate and sugar a lot during the day. Especially in the afternoon, and my banana does not sound appealing at all. I am really addicted to sugar.
  • I think I need to get more calories in during supper. I am typically very tired when we finally get around to eating supper, and I don't prepare enough. The other night I made two scrambled eggs and that was it. Less than a half hour later I was ready for a snack, and at that time of day my willpower is gone and I don't make a healthy choice. Our nightie lunch (or bedtime snack for those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about..) has been popcorn for a few weeks now. The good news is that we have an air popper and it doesn't use any oil. The bad news is that we salt and butter it. BUT! We now use real salt. That counts for something, right?
  • I love fruits, but have a harder time getting vegetables in (mostly because they require cooking, and I'm lazy!)
  • I eat Clif crunchy granola bars for breakfast. These get a C from Fooducate. Still, a small step up from what I was eating (Fiber One chewy bars).


  • I'd love to find a drink other than water that is healthy. Something without a lot of sugar. Ideas?
  • I need a solid, easy breakfast that I can eat on the way to work. For years I have eaten a packaged breakfast. Are there healthy choices?
  • I have chips every day during lunch. I buy them from Whole Foods or the Health Market at Hy-Vee, but I know they aren't really healthy. Most recently I've had organic baked Kettle chips or the "healthy" Cheetos. I am considering vegetable chips next time. Unless you tell me I'm OK on this one. :)
  • I love peas and green beans, and they are always in our freezer and so easy to make. I need to work on this.
  • Next week I am putting in a meat order to Wallace Farms, a really cool local farm, for beef, pork and bacon. It will definitely put a dent in our budget, though, at $177.
  • I really don't know that much about nutrition. I read a little bit here and there (and a little here, too), but I have so much to learn. I'm really looking to a lot of you to help me out. We're also going to an Eat Well class tonight at our chiropractor's office.
  • I think if I knew that I was making great choices during the week (when I have more routine), then I could relax a bit on the weekends. Right?

I mean, really, we have come so far...