Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks

Remember how the 1st trimester affected our marriage? That was crazy. Thankfully, the second trimester was so much different.

Pregnancy Update: 30 Weeks from kelsey williams on Vimeo.

So far pregnancy has affected me more emotionally than physically. I guess I say that because I'm pleasantly surprised with how well my body has responded, and I definitely didn't expect all the mental transitions I've been going through.

But things are really great, most of the time I feel happy and beautiful, and Eric really helps by loving and touching my belly. With each day we're getting more and more ready for this little baby to arrive. I mean, we're preparing as well as we know how, but honestly I just feel like we have no idea what's coming or what's going to happen or how we're going to feel when this little girl gets here. It will be worth your money to stick around and find out. :)

P.S. See how my bump has grown over the past seven months.