Christmas Tradition: Cheese Ball

This is one of my favorite goodies to have at Christmastime, and is my annual contribution to our family parties. I usually make two smaller cheese balls from this recipe rather than one big one because there are so many other treats at our Christmas parties...but you can do it either way.


8 oz. pkg. cream cheese 8 oz. container cold pack cheddar cheese 1 stick margarine Pecan or bacon pieces

  1. Let cream cheese, margarine and cheddar cheese soften.
  2. When soft, mix all ingredients together (you can use a mixer).

  1. Chill (so it hardens just a bit).
  2. Form into a ball with your hands. (It gets kind of messy!)

  1. Roll in crushed pecans or bacon pieces. (I used crumbled, cooked bacon last year and my family didn't prefer that over the pecans, so we did pecans again this year.)
  2. Serve with Toll House crackers.

I hope you enjoy this!