Over the Weekend: Nov. 11-13

Weekends with Eric are my favorite thing ever. Here's how this one went down:


  • After work we took a trip to Trader Joe's to stock up on healthy foods. It feels so much better to get our grocery shopping done on Friday night rather than waiting until Sunday night! And then we have lots of fun stuff to cook with over the weekend.
  • During dinner (cereal, salad, fruit) we caught up on last week's Parenthood episode. Have you seen it? We totally had tears in our eyes at the end! Ahh!
  • We listened on the radio to my high school's volleyball team play in the state semifinals. They ended up losing, but had a great season rated No. 2 and finishing 45-1. (The team they lost to ended up winning the championship.) We were planning to drive to see the finals on Saturday, so this changed our weekend plans slightly.


Saturday was our date day this week. We got up and drove an hour and a half to Williamsburg to the Tanger Outlets. Aren't I lucky that I married a man who loves to shop? We had only been there once before, and recently they opened a J.Crew Factory Store so we just had to check it out. Their prices are great, and we had four 20% off coupons that we used as well. Here's what we got:

two button-ups for me // a shirt and pants for Eric

snacks for the drive home

the soundtrack of our weekend travels -- so good!

We had about an hour to relax at home before church, so I watched the state volleyball championships on TV and Eric read a book.

a skit at church involving a DeLorean and Doc and Marty McFly

you've got mail: a pretty accessory for my new iPhone

our movie choice of the night while we ate beanie weenie


We awoke early, at sunrise, to take our annual Christmas card photo. Sending Christmas cards is one of my favorite things to do! I just love it. I try to get them in people's mailboxes on Dec. 1 so that means I need to get them ordered ASAP! I can't believe it. We have used Minted to print our cards for the past couple years and absolutely love their selection. I thought it would be hard to beat last year's card, but I'm really excited about this year's! (I'll post all our past Christmas cards soon so you can see.)

just a sneak peek

Christmas photos means Eric trims his no-shave November scruff

Then we ate breakfast, watched the "Freakonomics" documentary on Netflix Instant, took a nap on the couch, wrote some blog posts for the week, ate lunch, and watched football and...my belly.

our little princess is very active when i'm relaxing, and it's so fun to watch my belly jump! (I wish you could hear Eric talk to her through my belly button... it is so amazing when she responds to us.)

We ended the evening by attending an awesome Jesus party hosted by our church. We are continually blessed by being a part of Lutheran Church of Hope, which is now the largest Lutheran church in the nation.

How was your weekend?

We're already looking forward to our marriage retreat next weekend!

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