Over the Weekend: May 6-8, 2011


  • Started off with a bang! Or a sizzle? Our buddy Kyle (IT consultant) was back to help us transfer some files from our laptop to our new iMac "Maverick." I was making supper and sizzled seven out of 10 fingers on our oven stone. Ouch! (Another post about this to come later this week...)

  • Lots of WebMD searching and two trips to Walgreens for necessary triage equipment for burnt digits. A big thanks to KW for living out "in sickness and in health." My hands were under cold running water for about an hour total (it felt like forever).


  • Internet was down. Called Mediacom. Upgraded our Internet service and saved $20 on our monthly bill. Woke up KW and told her. She said I should have just canceled cable (we've been talking about it for a while)...so I called Mediacom again and canceled our cable service. (Thanks to Andrea Wells for the push!!)
  • Packed up and headed downtown to the Midwest Vintage porch sale (Kels got a new dress), and traded in our old modem (truly vintage) for new modem at Mediacom.
  • Ate lunch at Taco John's (thanks to a gift card I won at our work's Cinco de Mayo party) before heading to Lake Mills for a wedding of one of our college friends (Kels' roommate for two years). Congrats to Chris and Kerby Helgeson! Have fun in Jamaica mon!

  • Took Kels' outfit photos between wedding and reception by windmills. Have I ever told you how much I love windmills?

  • Had a great time at the reception catching up with friends, including Danielle and Michael Stensrud. Danielle is a big Words of Williams fan! Humbled by the great compliments from her and a handful of other readers.


  • Church with Kelsey's parents.

  • Brunch at Turnberry's (where we had our first date almost eight year ago).

  • Picked up this awesome (huge) balloon for my mom on the way to my grandparents'! It sings "You're Simply the Best" by Tina Turner!

  • Hung out with family.

  • Haircut. Thanks, Mom! It's a slightly new style for me. I absolutely love it!

  • Headed home. Planned meals and got groceries for the week. We enjoyed some pizza sandwiches before winding down for the night.