Over the Weekend


  • We enjoyed an early dinner with some friends from our life group at T.G.I.Friday's. Eric and I shared the Jack Daniels steak. Yummy! It was a fun way to start the weekend, but kind of a clown show. I ordered bacon cheese fries and they told me they didn't have them (whaaat?), and our friends' 15% off coupon (which they so graciously shared with us) confused the waitress and it took us 30 minutes to pay.


  • On our two-hour drive to see our families, we began reading through Michael Hyatt's e-book, Creating Your Personal Life Plan. It is not an audiobook, so whoever wasn't driving would read it aloud to the other. It's good stuff and got us motivated to create our own life plans!

  • We grabbed lunch at Subway with Eric's mom, stepdad, sister and nephew. Then Kaleb made this awesome ceiling fan and light using Tinkertoys.

  • We attended our friend's dance recital, at which we ran into Mr. Don Dye, Eric's favorite teacher. Mr. Dye won the "LIVE! With Regis and Kelly" Top Teacher award last year. He is such a neat guy, and Eric was lucky enough to have him as a teacher three times (fifth grade, eighth grade and senior year).

  • We watched as my nana got to hold Mylie, her third great-granddaughter, for the first time.

  • Two of my beautiful cousins were all prettied up for prom!


  • I got to meet my newest first cousin, Benjamin (10 months), who was recently adopted from China, and everyone else got to meet Mylie at an early Easter celebration at my grandma's.
  • We drove back to Des Moines and attended the Palm Sunday church service.
  • We made a quick trip to the grocery store to get essentials for this week's lunches.
  • I arrived home to find a fun package from a fashion blog friend. I can't wait to show everyone on Snappy Casual this week.

  • After watching Extreme Couponing, we decided that we want to start couponing. Have you seen that show? I think those people might be on Hoarders next season. Anyway, Eric checked to see which coupons we got in the mail.

  • Finally, we began our week of shopping the pantry. Because we ate out twice on Friday, no groceries were purchased for suppers this week, except lettuce. We're going to scrape together what we can for meals to make sure we have enough money in our food envelope for the next two weeks. Eric ate a salad, and we shared Hamburger Helper leftovers.

Do share! What was the highlight of your weekend?